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Award Setup

After receiving a fully executed agreement, SPFAC will setup the project in Banner. The PI and co-PI(s) will receive an automated notification that includes the Grant number and the Fund-Organization-Program (FOP), at which time funds may be expended within the grant period and according to the sponsor approved budget.

Banner Numbering System

Grant and Fund Number

The Grant and Fund numbers are the same number and are used to access budgets in Banner through ULINK. The Grant and Fund numbers for sponsored programs begin with a “3” and range between 330000 and 379999. The second number represent the type of funding as follows:

33 Federal
34  Federal Flow-through State
35  Federal Flow-through Non-State
36 State
37 Other
3N NIRC study/per diems

Organization Numbers (ORG)

The organization number represents who is in charge of the funds.

Each PI will have a unique 5-digit Banner organization number assigned to them that is used for all external awards they manage.

Program Numbers

The program number is a two-digit number that identifies the type of project that is being funded.

21 Research-Sponsored Research

All research and development activities that are sponsored by federal and non-federal agencies and organizations. This term includes activities involving the training of individuals in research techniques where such activities utilize the same facilities as other research and development activities and were such activities are not included in the instruction function. Research activities include rigorous inquiry, experiment, or investigation to increase scholarly understanding of the involved discipline.

22 Research-Sponsored Instruction

Teaching and training activities funded by grants and contracts from federal and non­federal sponsors.  Sponsored Instruction includes agreements which support curriculum development as well as teaching/training activities (other than research training), whether offered for credit toward a degree or certificate, on a non-credit basis, or through regular academic departments or by separate divisions, summer school, or external division.

23  Research-Other Sponsored Activity

Programs and projects financed by federal and non-federal agencies and organizations that involve the performance of work other than instruction and organized research.  Examples include, but are not limited to, consultancy projects, social and/or community service or health services projects, travel grants, support for student participation in community service projects that do not result in academic credit, and support for conferences, seminars, or workshops.

24  Research-NIRC

All federal and non-federal sponsored activities related to the housing of primates and clinical procedures provided by NIRC.

30  Public Service

60  Institutional Support and University Cost Share

Fund Notification

An automatic email notification is sent to the PI and co-PIs when the fund is activated in Banner. The email contains Fund, Organization, Program and Grant Numbers as well as other pertinent information such as, the Project Name, Start and End dates, Funding Amount.

This email notification signals the start of the project and the PI is free to begin incurring expenses on the project.