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Award Acceptance

After negotiations, SPFAC will email the agreement and an Award Data Sheet (ADS) to the PI for review. The PI will sign and return the ADS to the Post-Award Specialist, who will then route the agreement for internal approval and University signature. The VP of Research is the official institutional representative authorized to sign on behalf of the institution. SPFAC will return signed copies to the sponsor, indicating acceptance of the award.

Required Components to Accept an Award

  • Approved proposal (SPFAC will request from ORSP)
  • Signed Award Data Sheet (ADS)
  • Approved Sponsor Budget
  • Proof of IRB/IACUC approval, if human or animal subjects are being used in your research

Award Data Sheet (ADS)

The Award Data Sheet serves as the internal routing form and highlights the following for each award:

  • Terms and conditions of the award and other sponsor-specific requirements
  • General information about grant management
  • Reporting requirements, including sponsor-required technical reports
  • Any additional project specific information

Internal Routing

The ADS and award document will be routed to the following individuals for review:

  1. Principal Investigator
  2. Director of SPFAC
  3. Director of Operational Review
  4. VP for Administration and Finance
  5. VP for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development (signs documents)