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Budget Access

Upon notification of the Grant number and FOP, the PI will have access to their budget through ULINK.

A budget query can be performed in Banner that allows the PI to see the budget, expenditures to date, encumbrances, and the available balance. For directions on accessing your budget in Banner, please refer to the Guides for Checking Budgets in Banner.

Note that only the grant number and fund number should be used to do a budget query on a sponsored fund.

Request Access for Project Employees

Only the PI and co-PI(s) are provided initial access to budgets.

The PI is provided with full access, which includes drill-down options for more detailed information and access to payroll details.

The co-PI(s) is provided with limited access to the budget and can view the high-level information only. 

Should the PI want the co-PI(s) to have more detailed information or to allow other personnel, such as administrative assistants, post-doctorate researchers, etc., to have access to the budget, the PI will need to reach out to their post-award specialist requesting permission.