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Program Reporting

Reports required at the close of a project vary by the sponsor. Most federal sponsors will require financial, invention, and technical reports. Other reports that may also be required are property reports, contractor’s release forms, and a contractor’s assignment of refunds, rebates, and credits forms. Closeout reports are due 30 to 90 days from the project’s end date.  SPFAC requires a copy of the final technical report or deliverable to be submitted to the office for inclusion in the award file.

Technical Reports

Technical reports are prepared and submitted by the PI. The PI must submit a final technical report to the sponsor in a timely manner. Late reports reflect poorly on the University and may preclude additional funding to both the PI and to the University until the report is filed.

All final reports must be submitted to SPFAC. They will obtain required University certifications and ensure that the reports meet funding agency reporting requirements. Suggested revisions based on this review will be forwarded to the PI for action before the final reports are released to the funding agency.

NSF reports can be completed online by the PI, but SPFAC must be informed when it is submitted and must receive NSF acceptance of the final report. Board of Regents final reports (and interim) can also be submitted electronically, but SPFAC must review before it is officially submitted.

Other Reports and Deliverables

Some sponsors may require other reports such as property, disposition of assets and patent invention disclosure reports. Most federal awards require a Final Invention Statement & Certification form to be submitted. PIs should review the terms of the particular award for other deliverables that may be required. SPFAC can provide further information on patent invention disclosure reports, including when disclosure is required.